Today your brand needs to develop a distinctive point of view and stay true to this, as you pivot to make the most of opportunities and meet challenges. Fluid is a strategic creative agency that responds to shifts in culture, technology and market conditions to help brands thrive in the new normal.

During 16 years partnering with blue-chip global and boutique enterprises, Fluid has purposefully connected some of Australia's leading brands, corporates and government authorities with their customers and communities.

Born on the Surf Coast, Fluid has studio spaces in Torquay and Melbourne.

Driven process. Not process driven.

The new normal requires new thinking and processes to take your brand to market with speed and certainy -  as well as pivot for tomorrow's competitive landscape.

By working together, we unpack the internal and external influences that impact your brand. We confirm who you need to pursue, influence and engage.

Every touchpoint, no matter how small, is an engagement opportunity, so we consider the entire brand experience by undertaking Customer Journey Mapping - from the customers' first discovery of your brand, right up to post purchase engagement and incentivising social advocacy.

With Empathy Mapping, we build a deeper understanding of key customers -  what their motivations are and what influences their behaviour.

With these inputs we co-create your brand's distinctive Point of View, pressure testing its applicability and durability in real world contexts.

This process consolidates current and future opportunities and roadmaps how to bring to life your brand in response to the new normal. This Fluid Thinking.

What we do

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Clifton Daniell

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Managing Director

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Design Director/ Creative

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Design Director/ Strategy

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Design Director/ Digital

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Design Director

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Design Director

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Production Manager

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Studio Manager

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Senior Designer

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Senior Designer

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Account Director

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