Our approach to design is grounded in strategic thinking and a simple belief in the power of ideas. We identify opportunities using our iDeation and CoCreation methodology  – working in partnership with our clients to craft compelling design experiences across brand, communication and digital.


Fluid seeks a deeper understanding of your brand and company objectives by using our iDeation methodology to uncover core truths. Once discovered, these truths can be leveraged to competitive advantage as part of an overarching strategy. When applied to your business or brand, iDeation can discover unlocked potential, expressing your root strengths, tone of voice, personality and beliefs.


Creative ideas are only as strong as the outcome they deliver. At Fluid we CoCreate opportunities and tailor the design outcome to meet them. We take ideas beyond concept, using our delivery mechanism that tests and refines each stage to empower connection between design strategy and design execution.

Insights - November

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Insights - October

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Clifton Daniell

Group Creative Director

Mike Beck

Managing Director

Matt Avent

Design Director/ Creative

Cameron Birrell

Design Director/ Strategy

Dave Morony

Design Director/ Digital

Anthony Christie

Studio Manager

Karen Jones

Design Director

Sally Boyle

Account Director

Josh Bennett

Design Director

Melissa Scott

Senior Designer

Emma Itzstein

Account Manager

Scott Matthews


Nick Humphries


Nikki Donsen

Executive Assistant

Mitch Eaton


Lynne Patterson Murray


Andrew Firth



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