Insights - October

At the wedding of one of my oldest friends, the type where their parents treat you like one of their own, I had a fascinating experience in the impact of brand leadership on internal culture – trust me, it’s not that big of a stretch. 

The eye opener came from an impromptu speech by my friend’s great grandfather, a man I had never before met. This dapper old gentleman’s speech was sharp, witty and delivered with a unique confidence and wry smile – it all seemed so familiar.

Right then every mannerism and action of my friend and his father made sense. They had been taught by their leader the way to talk, walk and act.

I can only assume that this will not be a surprising story to many of you. However, this simple learning is so often overlooked in the world of branding. The best idea, the strongest identity, the most impeccable campaign will be let down if those inside your company, your front line, don’t sing the same song. 

Internal brand stewardship and leadership, led from the top down, is essential to building a strong brand culture that will build truth and authenticity to its meaning and allow every action and interaction to support your essence. 

At Fluid, we can assist you to build your brand internally from the board level down and help you to build your brand into your company’s most valuable asset.