Bespoke Harvest & Forest Guesthouse

In the heart of the forest

Brand identity


To differentiate the restaurant café from the Forrest Guesthouse by creating a distinctive, relevant name and visual identity. 


First: a visit to Forrest to soak up the sights, the smells and our client’s vision for a fine dining restaurant situated in the Otway town. The brand concept and name emerged on the drive over Mount Sabine, which separates the hinterland town of Forrest from the Great Ocean Road and Lorne. The solution, germinated in Forrest’s reputation as a mountain bike trail hub, reflected the vision for a fine dining experience created from locally sourced, fresh season harvest.


A new restaurant café brand Bespoke Harvest and a complementary refresh for the Forrest Guesthouse identity. The identity rolls out across all primary and secondary communication, signage, menus, collateral, and dynamic online presence, all supported by a new library of seasonal photography capturing the brand essence.

The team at Fluid were super responsive. They understood our issue, and walked us through their process in a collaborative manner to solve our problem with a range of creative ideas. We felt that whilst they came up with the ideas, we owned our solution and they empowered us with the tools to go forward.