Coffex coffee

Born in Brunswick 1959

Branding & Packaging
FMCG/ coffee


Initially, to rebrand the wholesale 1KG bags, which make up 80% of Coffex sales. Then, once challenges in other facets of the business became apparent, to develop a brand strategy.


Fluid has been working with Coffex Coffee to reposition the consumer and wholesale brand by creating a new visual identity and packaging system.

Our first step was a two-day strategy workshop to facilitate alignment of Coffex management, sales and marketing team. The workshop identified many under-performing aspects of the brand and visual identity. Whilst the brand had a long history, it no longer retained the quality and credibility that once underpinned its story.

A recent change of ownership presented the opportunity to revolutionise the brand and restore trust by leveraging off the knowledge and wisdom the brand could offer.


The revitalised brand delivers on the “sage” brand promise by modernising the Coffex brand without moving too far. The circular holding device is an integral part of the brand DNA. The circle represents strength, life and energy from the sun. It is the shape of the earth and the moon, and embodies the evolution of the business coming full circle on its journey.

The team at Fluid are truly fluid and nimble in turning around outstanding work every time. From the initial brainstorming sessions through to each stage of the rebrand for Coffex, Fluid was comprehensive and meticulous with every detail. They also provided excellent project management skills at every step of the way.