Doquile Perrett Meade

Delivering financial peace of mind

Brand identity
Financial Services


To create a contemporary translation of DPM’s brand in line with a new strategy and progressive positioning.


The brand needed to attract a younger more visually astute target audience. The focus was to make the DPM brand more contemporary and progressive without straying too far from the core DNA of the long-serving brandmark. The solution had to modernise the umbrella-look brand and pay homage to the original idea representing protection and overarching financial security.


We discovered that shining light through an acrylic prism distorts the beam in an arc with many colour-facets – an appropriate metaphor for DPM’s journey of transformation. We manipulated the metaphor, subtly referencing the old umbrella logo in a new, more dynamic logo shape. The new mark represents the interaction between DPM and its clients, symbolising coming together, creating life-long partnerships while “delivering financial peace of mind”.

A key part of that project was ensuring we were able to keep our heritage with the look and feel of our branding. Fluid were very patient and flexible. What was delivered was a brand that was energetic and fresh, yet kept in line with our heritage and our past.

Tim Guille
Manager Human Resources – DPM