Geelong Regional Libriaries

A hive of activity

Branding + Communication
Government / Education / Library


Create a brand and visual language to reflect our client’s progressive, leading position and to challenge existing perceptions of a library.


Inspired by a library as both a place of learning and place of wonder and discovery, we created a logomark to reflect new ideas, new technologies and new experiences. We looked to convey a sense of worlds opening up and minds expanding. The geometric shapes represent different things to different people – an open book, open and inclusive learning spaces, and technology of a modern library, while paying homage to the iconic architecture of the new dome. We chose a vibrant, youthful colour palette paired with imagery of local library users to create a truly inclusive visual language that resonates with the library’s mission.


A fresh, unexpected and vibrant brand that engages and reflects its diverse users.

The Fluid team members were all great to work with. They had very robust processes in place to ensure that they correctly understood our brief and their research into world's best practice was extremely thorough. The concepts they presented us with were all of a high quality and the team helped us to work through any creative challenges we encountered. We particularly appreciated the excellent project management skills of the team and their attention to detail and ability to keep the whole project on deadline within challenging timelines

Patti Manolis
Chief Executive Officer – Geelong Regional Libraries