Natural Instinct

Real natural

Branding & Packaging
FMCG / skincare


Develop a brand that is aspirational and first choice for pure and natural within the supermarket.


Since the initial Fluid rebrand completed a few years ago, Natural Instinct has moved its main brand positioning from pharmacy to supermarket. This shifts the target audience from predominantly family to being segmented to family, SINKs and DINKs. To reflect the audience change in the updated design, we incorporated semiotics from the premium cosmetic category to speak to the new audience at a lower price point in grocery. We enhanced and built on “real natural” through colour, illustration and development of the Natural Ingredient Standard, which created a credible (and persuasive) checklist for consumers to tick-off.

When we first met the team a Fluid, we were blown away by their passion, professionalism and dedication.
Their proposal and category immersement were thorough and impressive, and despite having never worked with Fluid, we were convinced they were the right agency for this project.
They have delivered a fantastic end result and working with them has been a great experience.
Their communication and time management was excellent, they were cost effective, the design was fantastic and they were great in taking feedback on board and implementing it accordingly.