A clear vision

Annual reporting
Medical Research


Create a highly engaging, impactful annual report to help grow awareness of wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD), an eye disease affecting more than one million 50+ Australians.


Opthea is dedicated to helping patients with inadequately treated Wet AMD. Our design for the report focused on building an engaging narrative that visually brought to life some of the issues for patients who suffer from AMD which affects the centre of the visual field needed for detailed, sharp vision such as reading, recognising faces and driving a car. We presented factual data graphically to maximise engagement and used hero images to humanise the communication and connect emotionally.


By incorporating a range of innovative layout techniques including tip-in semi-translucent pages, large breakout text and infographics, we simplified the highly technical message for a non-medical readership while accurately reporting the past year’s achievements.