Public Records Office Victoria

Simplifying complexity



Build on successful rebranding to develop a digital platform that resolves user issues: difficult navigation due to volume of information, lack of robust search hierarchy, frustrating and disengaging user experience.


Our first step was to improve the site navigation and UX, and implement the new brand’s visual language across a dynamic digital interface for mobile, tablet and desktop. To assist in site navigation, we developed a new content architecture strategy using colour and shape attributes assigned to the organised content modules. This visual navigation system is also implemented across conventional print media, providing a logical connection for users when they move from the digital environment to physical content browsing in the state archives. We assigned more space to core navigation elements to decrease the cluttered feel of the existing website and improve both user engagement and overall online experience.


The site is currently in the beta testing but has been very positive.

Congrats @PRO_Vic on the new beta website! We are loving it. Archival research has never been so easy!