Reuse. Repurpose. Renew

Brand identity
Waste solutions


In an Australian first of its kind, Yarra Valley Water, has constructed a waste to energy facility linked to a sewage treatment plant. It provides cost-based and logistical efficiencies to businesses while reducing waste entering landfill by turning this waste in to green energy. This energy then powers the YVW water treatment facility and over 10,000 homes.

After a intensive strategy and naming phase the outcome was to create a brand that motivates a change in behaviour for the greater good. The name ReWaste was chosen to be co-branded with Yarra Valley Water.  


ReWaste is leading the charge to a more sustainable future, creating complete cycles where once there was a linear process. The mark represents the new cycle of reusable waste, the individual leaf shapes show the environmental outcome while the overall
shape represents the energy created.

A tagline – Reuse, Repurpose, Renew – was created to aid with the overarching brand message of progressive waste solutions that power a better tomorrow.


ReWaste is leading the way to a more sustainable future of waste management and the brand has helped solidify it as a world leader for today and tomorrow.