Rosemount Estate

Making everyday wines compelling

Beer and Wine


To create a range of offerings, based on existing Rosemount wines, that compel entry-level, low-involved wine consumers by simplifying the challenge of matching wines to everyday meals.


The solution features a chalkboard design, referencing the restaurant trade and appealing to target consumers aged 35-55 years. The front label typographic treatment boldly calls out the varietal and matched meal to convey confidence in choice, while super-succinct tasting notes engage and educate the consumer.


Product is new to market and exclusively ranged in Coles First Choice stores where the red wine varietal sold out in the first two weeks. Feedback from Coles has been positive about the brand with enthusiastic support for the launch. The client is hoping to follow-up the success of the project with further growth into the everyday, drinkable wines space. Awarded distinction for Design Effectiveness - AGDA.

It always felt like Fluid was a part of our team, rather than an external agency. They took feedback on board, turned around responses fast and absolutely nailed the brief.