Victorian State Government (DSDBI)

Planning for a sustainable energy future

Policy statement
State government


Create a high-engagement design for Victoria’s Energy Statement, the Victorian Government’s plan to make sure Victoria has the safe, reliable and affordable energy needed to underpin the state’s economy and liveability.


The challenge for this high level communication was presenting a range of scenarios that face the Victorian economy. Our solution was to simplify complex and many-layered topics into easy to understand “bite-size” sections, using iconography and diagrams that aid navigation and inform the reader. Image capture with specialist industrial photographer Michael Evans was key to achieving dynamic locations, a mix of energy generation and transmission sources including coal, geothermal, gas and renewable energy, wind and solar. The Fluid team, along with Michael spent a week travelling to photograph facilities featured to help communicate the key challenges and solutions identified in the statements.


Document spreads feature a mix of overarching statements and dynamic full-page images, which invite further exploration. Navigating a prominent diagrammatic key, stakeholders can explore information about substantial changes in the way Victorian households and businesses use, and generate, electricity today and into the future.