Well & Good

No Compromise

Brand and Packaging


Well & Good, is the biggest supplier of Gluten Free premixes into foodservice & manufacturing industry in Australia, that success has not rendered into the retail space.
Their products have always been about taste and indulgence. Allergy aware messaging being front and centre of our packaging, featuring added free forms such as soy, nuts, dairy and egg.
Despite having great tasting products, their current ranging has had limited and disjointed shelf presence in major supermarkets and under-performed in the independents.  Coles had 3 SKUs, which were up for deletion.
After conducting market research, it was clear that consumers thought current packaging was uninspiring and a let-down of the product. The brief was to revitalise the brand via packaging design.


Fluid undertook research into gluten-free consumers and the gluten-free and baking categories to identify the need for a packaging design concept that broke traditional category cues, reflecting indulgence and taste via visuals and using simple messaging to call out the gluten-free attribute. The ambition was to create a design that was equally as effective on-shelf in both the health section and general baking section. 
We also redesigned the brandmark, eliminating dated FMCG cues and introducing a strong typographic solution that maintained equity in brand name recognition whilst reflecting a more natural aesthetic. Soft pastel colours and white space balanced a subtle heritage connection to old-world home baking in the 40’s with modernity.