Black Swan

Tradition reimagined

Branding & Packaging


Develop a masterbrand strategy that embraces Black Swan’s incredible back-story and value, then design packaging to bring this brand to life within the Greek Yoghurt category. 


The iconic Black Swan brand has built strong awareness since beginning more than 35 years ago in Victoria’s South Melbourne Market. Together with Monde Nissin and their marketing research agency, we co-created a brand strategy to forge an exciting and engaging path forward for Black Swan, based on the essence of tradition reimagined. An illustrative storytelling design, brought to life by one of our favourite illustrators, embraces and fleshes out the brand truth –Black Swan’s birth as a Greek family business in suburban Melbourne. Throughout the development, we were driven by a concerted effort to disrupt what has become an otherwise homogeneous category.


Our novel designs caused great interest in Coles and Woolworths supermarkets and have successfully disrupted the category on shelf, providing strong brand blocking and brand name association through the new masterbrand design. 

Having never worked with Fluid before, I was completely blown away from the first time I met them. A team of smart, relaxed creative people who made navigating our way through the future of Black Swan Yoghurt a pleasure. They were true strategic partners on this project, adding value at every stage. From mapping a path to the brand’s essence in its South Melbourne Market roots to defining the forward brand positioning and collaborating on consumer focus group research, their insight and experience stood out.