Harwood Andrews

Innovative. Progressive. Collaborative.

Brand identity
Legal profession


To create a modern brand identity in synergy with new vision, mission and values. To escape conservative old-guard perceptions and push the boundaries of contemporary design with a brand revolution (not a revolution of the past). Simple. Bold. Revered.


To achieve true revolution, we had to consider and understand why the majority of law firms’ brands are conservative, then justify why our client could afford to break the rules. It’s not as simple as just changing the logo – culturally the firm needed to realign under a new vision. Applying the Fluid iDeation methodology, we undertook a visual strategy to audit Harwood Andrews’ recent past. By documenting the past and then using stimulus to help pave the way for the future, we created alignment and garnered agreement from all partners to proceed with a progressive and edgy execution.


The design reinterprets the two ‘A’s in Harwood Andrews as directional arrows, portraying the firm as progressive and forward thinking. ‘A’s pointing skywards creates a visual metaphor for ‘launching each client’s needs with passion and energy’ – a sky’s-the-limit approach. The broader visual language builds on this theme with modern typography, the use of an angled panel in bright ‘pop’ green, offset by warm grey or white. The emotive image of a wedge-tailed eagle in full flight symbolises the firm’s re-birth.

Throughout all stages of the creative process and then implementation of the agreed upon brand, Fluid met our expectations in relation to creativity, compliance with timelines and deliverables. Our new brand, however displayed, has attracted a large amount of positive comment, and has continued to allow our firm to reinforce its position.