Makers' Medal Oova

Redefining the category

Branding & Packaging
Beer and Wine


Develop a name and packaging solution for a limited release infused wine in a unique 500mL bottle aimed at enticing new consumers to the wine category.


We supported the innovative wine thinking that created this lime-infused Riesling with a minimalist design, silk-screened to the bottle with a die-cut logo. Choosing a slightly smaller slimline bottle accentuates the wine’s uniqueness, further echoed in the design aesthetic. We developed the name Oova as a play on “ova” the Spanish/Italian word for grape. 


A limited release, highly creative and unique wine that has been perfectly balanced through brand design and bottle.

Makers’ Medal is a competition that awards and celebrates innovation in wine. The winning wines often feature unique wine expressions and small batches that are like no other. Therefore the brief to Fluid was quite unique and challenging, as it required translating these interesting inventions on to the bottle. The team at Fluid came up with a plethora of concepts that truly excited the team at TWE and one of our major retail customers.