Pivot Summit 2017

The business of tomorrow.

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Entering its third year of existence, Pivot Summit set a vision to raise the bar and deliver a day filled with insight into digital transformation, startups and social enterprise. The event secured Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, as its keynote speaker, to help drive its ambition to triple attendance numbers from 2016. 


Fluid is a founding partner of Pivot Summit and created the original identity in 2015. This year we sought to develop a theme and visual evolution to capture the direction of this year’s Summit – realised in Outthink, Outplay, Outcomes. 

Fluid was also invited to join the Excellence in Business Super Panel to speak about digital transformation alongside some of the industry’s greatest thinkers. 


Attendance met the ambition of three times the 2016 figure and, held in the new Federal Mills, is widely regarded as the most successful and rewarding event in the Summit’s history.