Transform your world through ours

Brand identity
Startup program


Runway Geelong is a new startup accelerator. The accelerator required a brand identity that communicated its positioning it as a leading accelerator alternative based outside of a capital CBD – specifically in the Geelong CBD. The landscape in Geelong is changing and has the potential to be one of the most sought after start-up locations. Runway believe the Geelong ecosystem can provide un-rivalled success for start-ups, which will then, further transform the region.


A collaborative research phase delivered on the brand essence of ‘entrepreneurial bravery’. The value proposition, articulated as ‘transform your world through ours’ placed focus on the physical location of the accelerator – being in an incredible renovated factory space and in Geelong, a satellite city perfect for testing new ideas and being surrounded by a tight, supportive community. 

The ever changing, evolving and challenging world of start ups is a complex beast. This brave new world requires guidance and support, a flight path to navigate your way through to success. A logo has always had many roles to play and this is even more critical today. It needs to grow, evolve, transform and play. Living logos are forever changing and can more accurately capture the personality of your brand in a growing and changing world. The moving brandmark reflects the fluid nature of startup journeys, with no two paths to the end being the same.The living transforming shapes and colours symbolise the transforming world and ever changing landscape of Geelong. It represents the opportunity to transform the startups businesses and their world. Lines radiating out from the shapes represent the growth and transformation of the Geelong community into an innovation hub. 


Runway has been awarded $1.25 million from LaunchVic which is set to put Geelong’s startup ecosystem on the world stage.