Superior Liquorice Co

The Fantastical Voyage

Branding & Packaging
FMCG / confectionery


To break the formulaic approach to liquorice branding and add a renewed sense of fun and adventure.


We set out to capture a sense of discovery and wonder by creating the Superior Liquorice Co (SLCo) Fantastical Voyage. Join Captain Arthur and his trusted companion Pip on a mystical journey to discover strange creatures and tasty treats. The SLCo airship is central to the brand story, driving shelf recognition and differentiation. Lithographic illustrative style creates heritage cues to resonate with the mature target audience. On-pack tasting notes position the brand as premium – a boutique, crafted treat.


The Superior Liquorice Co Fantastical Voyage has only recently ventured into the market – watch out for the fun and whimsy of the new brand at IGA supermarkets.

Fluid were instrumental the development of the Superior Liquorice Co brand. Developing a brand from scratch can be challenging, especially when the parameters of the brief were obtuse. Fluid clearly understood that we wanted something adventurous and responded accordingly with a selection of strong creative platforms. Each had merit and it was certainly hard to choose. Once we settled on a creative direction their approach to delivering the project was outstanding. Their investment in the brand story and how we communicate this across different channels, packaging, POS, digital was instrumental to bringing our vision for Superior Liquorice Co to life. Engaging Fluid was a ‘fantastical’ decision! Once again they have delivered on all objectives of our brief.