TWE Brand X

Breaking the rules of wine

Beer and Wine


Break the rules of wine to create a brand with standout shelf-ability to appeal to young male “millenials” – non-traditional wine consumers seeking easy-drinking wine that comes with a story.


The front label is dominated by a brush-stroked X brandmark – a distinctive visual drawcard that is unique in the category and bold on the shelf. Rather than traditional viticulture and winemaking notes, the back label provides a compelling, shareable brand story to capture the imagination of the young male consumer.


The red varietal has been newly ranged in Dan Murphy’s. To gauge the strength of the brand in-store, it is trialling without any above-the-line marketing support. Feedback so far is that buyers are reacting well and the client is looking to possibly launch a white varietal in the future.

The Fluid team is approachable and down-to-earth – a real pleasure to work with. We put them under a lot of pressure and they responded well. Being able to give direct feedback to the designers was refreshing.