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Welcome to the new normal

It’s clear today that brands face more challenges, more competition and more uncertainty than ever. To succeed, brands need to be agile – adapting quickly to market conditions whilst staying true to their purpose as they navigate toward their ambition.

At Fluid, we create distinctive brands that thrive in the new normal. We do this by designing brands that are agile and adaptive – flexible enough to respond to an environment of constant change. Core elements of the brand experience is designed for longevity, selective elements are adaptive. In this way we create truly distinctive brands that can pivot to meet future challenges and create competitive advantage.

‘Driven process’ not ‘process-driven’

The new normal requires new thinking and processes to take your brand to market with speed and certainty – as well as pivot for tomorrow’s uncertain landscape.

Applying Fluid Thinking we discover a deeper understanding of key customer insights - what their motivations are and what influences their behaviour.

Every touchpoint, no matter how small, is an engagement opportunity, so we consider the entire brand experience by undertaking Customer Experience Audit - from customers’ first discovery of your brand, right up to post-purchase engagement and incentivising social advocacy.

With Empathy Mapping, we build a deeper understanding of key customers – what their motivations are and what influences their behaviour.

With these inputs we co-create your brand’s distinctive Point of View, pressure testing its applicability and durability in real world contexts.

This process consolidates current and future opportunities and roadmaps how to bring to life your brand in response to the new normal. This is Fluid Thinking.