Distinction over differentiation

Distinctiveness – a brand’s ability to look like itself – means being easily identifiable by consumers through the use of colour, fonts, photography and/or tone-of-voice. Your brand is only distinct, once these codes can be identified by consumers as ‘your brand’ and not somebody else’s. Our approach is to ensure that when rebranding we take careful consideration of this and set rules that are fixed enough to build memory structures but flexible enough to work across every channel in the modern media landscape.

This approach is what led to the creation of a new brand in the disability and aged care space. Genü is the melding of two legacy brands with a long history of supporting vulnerable people. New thinking, a new name, a bold new visual identity, and a new ambition to better reflect the needs of today’s clients, all built to a new distinctive brand in a rapidly changing category. At its heart was the brand purpose: to empower everyone to live a more fulfilling life no matter their disability or age.

We focus on three things: purpose, personality, and point of view. This hearts-and-minds approach helps brands stand out in a sea of competition – where voices are weakened by the promises of others.

To discover how Fluid Thinking drives distinctiveness and resulted in tangible outcomes for genü, read the case study here.