Keep calm and let go

If you’re a fan of sci-fi fantasy films, you might harbour visions of James Cameron’s ‘Terminator’ franchise, where technology is to blame for our ultimate demise.

A.I., smartphones, the Internet of Things, chatbots… the pace of change appears to accelerating at an ever increasing rate. But data tells another story. The speed of change is in fact static. We adopt smartphones and computers at the same rate we did radios and televisions. But this feels at odds with our change-like-never-before modern world.

One possible explanation is that we’re confusing diversification with acceleration. The impact of technology is expanding on an ever increasing number of fronts. As David Moschella of the Leading Edge Forum argues, “This proliferation can mask the fact that the overall rate of adoption for any particular technology hasn’t really increased.”

Taking a wider view, peeling back the layers of perception and reality, negotiating change and how it impacts brands has always been a part of Fluid Thinking. And that’s not about to change.