One man’s crusade toward a digital future

By Mike Beck
So what happened when I met a man who wanted to lead the conversation with an ambition to create a thriving digital economy post the manufacturing heydays?

History has a way of repeating itself and the transition to a digital economy is similar to what the human race faced during the industrial revolution. Geelong local Leighton Wells recognised that his region was facing new challenges and this was likely to happen to many other towns built upon a manufacturing economy.

The challenge facing all of us is the need to identify new ways to create a competitive edge and grow our economy without the aide of large-scale industry. Today’s endeavours, need to be born not from industrial sized robots but from human ideas. Digital technology has led us to create vibrant eco-systems that no longer rely on living in close proximity to large industrial centres. For the first time since the Industrial Revolution, humans can decentralise.

Individuals like Leighton have the courage to embrace the new normal and put words into actions. In 2014 the Pivot Summit was born and over the past five years has doubled attendance year on year. Fluid has partnered with him throughout his journey, helping champion his cause and bring his ambition to life, by providing creative brand support across his digital and print communication. 

“Pivot is all about helping community leaders and enterprises stay in touch with the rapid advancements that the digital economy is providing businesses to work smarter not harder,” says Pivot founder Leighton Wells.

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