Redesigning Geelong

By Tom Walgers
Redesigning Geelong from the inside out. As Geelong approaches it's 2047 goals, we explore how the city is using creativity to power a positive future.


It's a compelling proposition.

By 2047, Greater Geelong will be internationally recognised as a clever and creative city-region that is forward looking, enterprising and adaptive, and cares for its people and environment.

Geelong – with its recent membership to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network – has identified innovation, design, and creativity as key to urban economic, social and environmental growth. It’s truly an exciting time, amplified this week with the NGV's 2019 Week in Geelong kicking off over the weekend.

Geelong is no stranger to innovation, nor enterprise. Since the first Model T rolled out of a repurposed woolshed, to the birth of the global surf industry from a Torquay garage. And while it’s woolsheds may once have been the backbone of the Australian economy, Geelong’s Federal Mills is now scene to a booming innovation precinct, home to Fluid clients, Pivot Summit, Runway Geelong and countless other visionary startups.




“The Geelong region is an incredibly creative part of the world. Our region’s designers (across myriad industries) are producing content that is at a world-class standard – in physical AND digital spaces.

 It’s wonderful to see this recognised at a global level through the UNESCO City of Design designation. The UNESCO membership presents a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with like-minded cities around the world and benefit from shared learnings and experiences.”

 – Leighton Wells, Founder and CEO, Pivot Summit


At Fluid we've seen the area grow and develop We've had the of working with inspirational businesses and organisations, applying the transformative power of creative and seeing it flourish over the years. Working on brands like these has given us a singular appreciation for what it once meant to pivot, and in the wake of industrial and technological change, what it means to pivot today.

We’ve carried this understanding across to ambitious groups like Active Geelong, who are aiming to 'make Geelong Australia's healthiest city',

the Geelong Regional Library with its broad spectrum of cultural programs which pack the fifty pages of its quarterly 'What's On' and AWH, the world’s largest wool and cotton handler who see their future in delivering high-tech storage, handling and export solutions.

Having spent the last seventeen years advocating for growth powered by creativity, we very much look forward to seeing you at the events, talks and installations city-wide this week, and are excited to putting our minds to the Greater Geelong of 2047.