Surviving the new normal

By Clifton Daniell
One thing is certain the world has changed. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is having a far-reaching impact right across society and none of us are immune to the social and economic impact this horrible virus has inflicted on the world.

How do I ensure my brand is resilient and won't just survive but can thrive post-Covid-19?

This is a question we are being asked a lot and framing an answer more often than not goes back to these questions? What makes your brand distinctive? Does your brand have a point of view or 'purpose' aligned to your customer expectations? Is your brand experience fulfilling your customer needs?  Many of these questions can be answered by undertaking our Fluid Thinking strategy process that identifies the aspects that make your brand distinct and roadmaps a plan for the future. 

What good is a map if you don't know where you are going? 

Covid-19 is having a far-reaching impact on life and is set to shrink the world economy by at least 1% of GDP with many countries predicted to be in recession for the foreseeable future. It is easy to become overwhelmed when daily news articles paint a bleak future, 100,000's of deaths worldwide, high unemployment, and all-round economic uncertainty can strike fear in all of us. Source:

What can brands do to prepare for an uncertain future?

What we know is brands that utilise this forced shut down to plan an effective response to the new normal, will be in a far better position to rise above their competition once this crisis is over. What you choose to do next will impact whether your brands succeed or fail in the coming months and years. We understand that it is easy to be paralysed and uncertain on which way to progress. However the greater risk is do nothing, and risk future prosperity once this crisis is behind us.

Timing is everything and the risk of complacency has never been more critical/

The challenge for all brands remains that to live your brand's purpose, we must objectively view our brand experience through the lens of our customers. So what we look like, 'our logo', 'our visual identity' 'our colours', 'what we say', 'what we do', 'how we speak’, all need to be tailored so that it aligns with the expectations of our customers. Getting this messaging right relies on creating a consistent brand experience ‘look and feel’ across multiple touch-points, which is anywhere, anytime your customers come in contact with you.

What Fluid can do to help?  

Let's start by helping each other. We are offering a strategic review of your business objectives to understand your fears (what keeps you awake at night) and reframe these fears into a roadmap that identifies future branded marketing tactics that seek advantage from tomorrows opportunities so that your business not only survives, but thrive in the new normal.