Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking… Into the future…

By Alan Morrison

Modern life comes with modern tensions. On one side of the equation we have the pace of change and the pressure to keep up. The endless stream of information and misinformation landing in our inboxes and news feeds fuels a kind of modern mania. On the other side of the equation there’s the death of determinism (prior events no longer determine future ones). We play one off against the other. “I’m doing my best to keep up, but really, what’s the point? By the time I’m up to date, it’s irrelevant for my future anyway?”

This tension is particularly potent for brands as they shape-shift to remain relevant. But uncertainty can be a catalyst. "Rather than grasping futilely after a sense of certainty that’ll never come,” argues entrepreneur and author Jonathan Fields, we must, “act without having all the answers.” He compels us to embrace and invite uncertainty as, “a signpost that what you’re doing matters. Then look for the opportunity that always goes hand in hand with upheaval.”

Fluid Thinking is geared to embrace uncertainty. Opportunity awaits, join us.