What’s your favourite childhood memory?

Was it Christmas day? Waking up with anticipation, jumping out of bed with excitement to see what’s under the Christmas tree? Equal parts surprise, delight and joy. Intense positive experiences flood the brain with endorphins. These reach the opioid receptors of the highly emotional limbic system. In so doing this create new memory structures in the brain. The result is an enduring feeling of pleasure and satisfaction.

But not everyday is Christmas. So the challenge for brands is to create lasting positive experiences that connect with our emotions. These everyday moments if not considered carefully can illicit frustration, even anger. 

The more we understand the emotional drivers or “levers” of our target audience the better we can fire up the limbic system to illicit a positive emotional response. Thereby improving recall and influencing which products our audience perform searches for online and which they buy. It’s the science of influencing choice.  

If you’d like to discover how moving from a functional to an emotionally resonant brand can meet your ambitions, let’s get together.