Why do we trust authentic brands?

By Clifton Daniell
Branding is the process of creating mental availability to recall your brand based on the experience your customers have when engaged with you. The fact is that brands that are rooted in authenticity have a much higher rate of success than those invented by marketers.


For brands to be authentic we need to leverage truths and bring these to life via a brand narrative and expression that builds the desired mental picture, so that customers when faced with choice, can make informed decisions about the value that your product or service provides to them.

Authenticity is the new brand standard. The most authentic brands in the world are also the most successful. This is not surprising, considering nearly two-thirds of consumers want brands to take a stand on current social issues. In a recent study, more than 80 percent of consumers would allow a brands social purpose to drive their purchasing decision when quality and price are about the same.

Authenticity is all about being yourself and telling a story that is uniquely your own. 91% of consumers (according to study by BCW Global) count honesty as the most important behaviour for brands to display about products and services.

It is more important than ever to be consistent with your brand narrative, and bring this to life by living your values and demonstrating this by your actions.

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