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Part of something bigger.

Progress occurs when individuals stand together, no matter who they are. Specialising in class action law matters, Adley Burstyner delivers access to justice for all, representing those who have suffered loss from corporate wrongdoing.

Cost of entry

While class action procedures have been possible in Australia for decades, the costs of high stakes litigation have put major court proceedings beyond the reach or appetite of most. Adley Burstyner is a legal firm spearheaded by David Burstyner, a litigator with over 15 years of experience. The firm is commited to level the playing field, and helping private entrepreneurs and SME enterprises. Adley Burstyner (‘Adley’ meaning "the just"), is a law firm with the ambition to tenaciously seek justice, in a better way.

David vs Goliath

We first met David Adley, founder and principal of Adley Burstyner, following the rebrand of partner law firm Harwood Andrews. With a history of working hard and doing whatever it takes to achieve fairer outcomes for its clients, Adley Burstyner harnesses the prestige and knowledge of a 160-year-old firm, combined with over 150 legal professionals and corporate service staff. David’s ambition for the new brand identity was to resonate with clients who are often at a low point in life. Many face challenging legal situations, whereby they feel isolated and alone. Fluid needed to find the balance of honouring the firm’s heritage while meeting the needs of today’s class action clients.

Modern classicism

The Adley Burstyner brand uses a modern contemporary colour palette of orange and blue, with emotive images of schooling birds and fish, as a metaphor for the brand’s purpose. It communicates the mission to unify individuals to give group claims plaintiffs more power as they act as one. The logo mark features a forward-facing arrow in the centre of the ‘B’, with lines interconnecting to represent clients and firm proceeding together. Combined with a bold, modern typeface the brand conveys professionalism and capability.