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Above and beyond.

With a 170-year sustained history in agribusiness, Australian Wool Holdings (AWH) knows a thing or two about getting wool off the sheep’s back – and delivering it to the world.

We’ve got big sheds

When Fluid met AWH’s Chief Executive Officer Michael Jones for the first time, he remarked, "We have big sheds." And he’s not wrong. AWH has significant warehousing capacity, with 15 sites across Australia, 1,000,000m2 of under-roof warehousing and 58,000m2 of container hardstand. AWH has always been a specialist in wool, and the company has wool auction centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth with a network of brokers managing over $3 billion of wool sales annually.

Broaden our reach

AWH have the capacity to move, store and deliver a wide array of logistics, so the immediate challenge was how to position the brand to broaden consideration in the competitive world of global logistics. We settled on the project goal – to broaden AWH’s brand reach to deliver a global focused supply chain solution.

I didn’t know that!

The challenge for AWH was the lack of awareness around their significant capacity to provide innovative and cost-effective supply chain solutions for a wide range of enterprises beyond their core of cotton and wool. Not only can they move it across the world, they can store it and deliver it. AWH can tailor a solution that is more time efficient and cost-effective than competitors.

Opportunity knocks

The AWH visual identity and communication was dated, so the first step was to undertake a strategic audit of their existing website and collateral to understand how this was being used. Completing a Customer Experience Audit helped Fluid to recommend a new way to position the brand to fulfill their objectives. Our creative approach was revolutionary, however some of the insights from the Customer Experience Audit was that the current raft of communication material was disjointed. There was opportunity to consolidate their collateral into a more concise package. Effectively they had siloed the AWH business marketing into specific logistic outcomes, which hampered the broader awareness of their end to end global solutions.

Realise the Possibilities

We consolidated their various business functions under the distinctive point of view, Realise the Possibilities. This statement underpinned the creative endeavours and made it possible for AWH to broaden their communication language to fulfill their goals. We created collateral that realigned AWH with statements like, ‘Big enough to matter, small enough to care’. This differentiated AWH from the Tolls and Ipecs in the world of global logistics.

Bringing it to life

Our solution was to bring their marketing collateral back under the one roof. New marketing collateral was a lot more cost-effective. Instead of having a suite of brochures, they now have one. The new AWH website makes navigating the offer much more succinct, and the various core functions of the business can be found easily and cross promoted inline with their brand ambition.