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Build for tomorrow

Superannuation has changed the way everyday Australians save for a future most cannot imagine. With a compulsory commitment from every worker’s salary to their future wealth, it’s no wonder the super industry is clambering to get noticed.

$2 trillion reasons why

To say Australia’s super industry is big business is the understatement of the century. According to a comprehensive report by Superannuation Assets Actuaries and Consultants Deloite, current modelling of the Australian superannuation industry sees combined funds growing to $9.5 trillion over the next 20 years. Deloitte Superannuation Leader Russell Mason, said in real terms this means that the contribution of superannuation assets will almost double from 120% of current annual Gross Domestic Product (AUD$1.6 trillion - the 12th largest GDP in the world) to more than 200% of GDP in the next 20 years.

Partnering your ambition

AustralianSuper is a not-for-profit fund provider that places members’ interests first. Most people are familiar with the ‘Compare the Pair’ super campaign that demonstrates the difference in financial performance for an industry superfund compared to others. Industry funds are multi-employer funds run by employer associations on behalf of members, and differ to other types of funds that attract fees and service charges.

Delivering more

Annual reports are historically all about the past, however Fluid’s approach was to work with our client to discover good news stories that convey performance and prosperity as well as the mandatory annual reporting requirements. This approach builds engagement through a narrative that extends the reports context from simply the numbers, to a much more valuable tool.

Beyond aesthetic

For the past four years our creative ideas have centred round the theme of build, deliver, expand, include. Each year’s report focuses on bringing AustralianSuper’s distinctive brand identity look to life, with a particular focus on the community at the core of industry funds’ competitive offer. We know that most people don’t consider their super contribution to be an extension of their overall wealth, so by concentrating our ideas around relatable theme, of family, financial independence and security in retirement Fluid has built a reporting framework that connects emotively.

The future is bright

Fluid has a strong partnership with AustralianSuper and we continue to work with them to introduce their brand communication to the market.