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Pure Southern Beef

Everyone knows that the best beef in Australia comes from down south, right? The ambition for Bass Strait Beef (BSB) was to create a brand that brings this fact to life. So what did they do when the distant crashing of waves and clean winds of the Bass Strait could only be imagined, not experienced?

39ºS: the world’s best latitude for grass fed beef

Bass Strait and its coastlines fall at the latitude where drenching rain, warming sun and salt-water winds combine to create climatic perfection for growing tender, grass-fed beef. This fact was our guiding light when we embarked on the creation of the Bass Strait Beef brand.

Illuminating fresh thinking

Our strategic process began by creating a range of strategic territories including, Explore our Home, and Connection of Land and Sea. The purpose of the territories is to focus ideas through a lens, considering a range of insights that can be brought to life in the creative delivery. “We typically start projects with rough scamp pencils to get as many ideas down as possible, before we present to our client and get early buy in,” explains Karen Toscano, Design Director at Fluid. “This approach keeps our team focused on the big idea and puts some guard rails around the exploration.”

A worldwide perspective

With consolidated feedback from the big ideas ,we crafted up a range of creative concepts to bring the BSB brand to life. We commissioned an illustration by UK artist Chris Mitchell to bring to life our vision – an imagined scene of waves crashing on a rugged coastline, with a lighthouse standing resolute on the land’s edge. This scene emotively brings to life the distinctive difference of Bass Strait Beef, which is sourced from Tasmania, the Limestone Coast of South Australia, Gippsland in Victoria and the Bass Strait’s King and Flinders Islands.

Bring it to life

Fluid has created a wide range of brand collateral, primary and secondary packaging as well as a bespoke website. To find Bass Strait Beef stockists, simply visit the website and enter your postcode.