Big thinking with the big Australian

More than just miners, BHP is one of Australia’s most recognisable brands and one of the world’s most essential companies. The scale of BHP’s operations comes with an obligation; To share with communities, the values and perspective of the company. Ensuring that BHP can make a positive impact on the world, extracting the minerals that will help create a sustainable future.

Brand led thinking

Every piece of communication that BHP releases builds it’s brand. Every Twitter post, every ad, every report is essential to communicating BHP’s values and perspective to its audience. It’s a responsibility that we don’t take lightly and with our years of involvement with the brand we’ve delivered strategic insights at every level of communication.

Fluid thinking

The increasing speed of new technologies, organisational innovation and market emergence has transformed communication, creating a world that is simultaneously fragmented yet interconnected. Fluid has been responsible for implementing the BHP brand across this chaotic communications landscape creating content that resonates with its intended audiences, whether it’s written copy, graphic, photographic or video driven.  

Broadening reach

Fluid’s broad reach within BHP has meant we’ve been responsible for hundreds of individual projects across a multitude of countries. Each project has the same approach – communicate in the most effective way possible, BHP’s brand values to the target audience, naturally extending the brand’s reach.

Long-term vision

Fluid’s commitment to excellence has meant that the high standards expected of national campaigns are the same standards set for internal reporting documents. Because we believe that all experiences between BHP and its stakeholders, employees and communities are critical to delivering long-term brand value and maintaining BHP’s social license to operate.