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The thrill of riding

Bike Matters is a family-focused specialist bike shop offering custom and affordable bikes, accessories and expert friendly service.

No small achiever

Bike Matters founder Scott Nicholas is a former marathon runner who finished 17th in 2004 US Olympic Marathon tryouts, running an amazing 2 hours 18 minutes. Scott started riding a few years ago when he took up residence with his family in Torquay. Lured by the trails of the Otway Ranges and the Surf Coast Hinterland he was not content with simply riding for recreation, he set about competing in and ultimately winning the 24hr Single Speed Mountain Bike World Championship in 2015.

Setting the wheels in motion

When we first met Scott he was in the planning phase of his new venture. With considerable experience in retail store environments, his brief to us was to create a bike brand that was very much entrenched in the anti-brand approach. Scott’s brief was driven by the ambition to become an iconic cycling destination store within the Surf Coast community.

Bringing a brand to life

Bike Matters services cycling enthusiasts as well as anyone interested in buying quality bikes with expert advice and ongoing servicing. The store environment built, by local master builder Dean Kellett, features an abundant use of hoop pine plywood and other tactile and bespoke features. Fluid determined early in the project that the brand needed to compliment the in-store experience. At the same time, we realised that it needed to be simple, distinctive and achieve the anti-brand seminal quality Scott was looking for. The abstract ‘BM’ device represents the region’s network of trails and the downhill thrill of cycling at speed. A stripped back colour palette and hero photographic imagery captured in the surrounding environment helps bring the brand identity to life.