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Born in Brunswick 1959.

Coffex Coffee Roasters have been roasting coffee beans in Melbourne for the past 60 years, and have been awarded numerous accolades for their pursuit of the perfect roast.

Same history, new wisdom

A change of ownership for Coffex Coffee Roasters (CCR) presented the opportunity to revolutionise the brand and restore trust by leveraging the knowledge and wisdom gained over its long history. A significant increase in competition from numerous boutique coffee roasters was driving the need for the new owners to rethink how to position the brand.

Bean counters

Fluid partnered with CCR, applying our Agile Creative Strategy process to implement a new brand strategy that addressed core challenges in a distinctive way. By leveraging CCR’s 50+ years of history, we helped them refocus their brand narrative around expertise and knowledge. We did this by building equity in the Sage archetype, with an altruistic tone of voice. As a result, CCR now has a distinctive difference that enables them to stay relevant. The first step in the strategic process was a two-day alignment workshop to get management, sales and the marketing team on the same page. The workshop identified many under-performing aspects of the brand and visual identity.

Results that speak for themselves

Fluid’s strategy and creative delivery effectively repositioned Coffex Coffee Roasters and created significant growth. Online sales grew a massive 200% following the brand refresh. The master brand’s contemporary look, with the circle representing strength, life and energy from the sun, embodies the evolution of the business, which has ‘come full circle’. The new packaging across wholesale and retail SKU’s, combined with the new eCommerce website and a wide range of consumer collateral has positioned CCR as a cool, leading coffee roaster. The revitalised brand delivers on the strategy by modernising the brand without moving too far from its heritage roots.