GenuLeading with purpose

The introduction of the NDIS created significant change in the provision of social and community services, pivoting the industry away from government facing to consumer facing.


Regional disability and aged-care service leaders, Karingal and St Laurence merged to strengthen their combined offering. Fluid worked with the new entity to develop a new brand strategy and name that would build on their combined history and propel them into a new, consumer-focused future.


Fluid leveraged insights into the changing needs and attitudes of parents, carers and those approaching ageing. The research revealed that those who used the services most often didn’t see disabilities or ageing as problems to be overcome but as adventures in the making. Fluid helped the organisation rebrand to GenU, a service provider focused on ‘you’ – focused on clients who say ‘carpe diem’ and mean it. The rebrand examined the brand portfolio architecture and implemented concrete distinctive assets that could be flexibly applied across a myriad of communications touchpoints, while retaining a singular look and feel.


With a new corporate strategy in place, the right people behind the wheel and significant structural changes, there was always going to be a change. Some in the media challenged the radical shift, but following the rebrand, phone enquires increased by 83%. Total revenue from operating activities increased by 80% over two years, and GenU's revitalised sub-brand MatchWorks expanded to over 120 new locations to become the largest not-for-profit disability employment services provider in Australia.

We partnered with Fluid early in our merger story. We were impressed by their ability to work with and align our stakeholders under a concise narrative, define our strategy and bring our brand to life. The new brand identity system Fluid created has given us the confidence to promote ourselves in new and exciting way.