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The wine for art

Seppelt, one of Australia’s favourite wine brands, was intrigued by what happens when you mix wine with contemporary art. The result? ‘Shared Philosophy’, a whole bunch shiraz from Heathcote Victoria, which went on to win the prestigious Treasury Wine Estates Makers’ Medal for Wine of the Year.

Meant to be

Wine and art have always been happy bed-fellows. Many an artist over the years has enjoyed a tipple to get a little loose and in touch with their creative mojo. The idea of combining art and wine has been around for millennia, however it’s the latest crop of wine consumers – the millennials – who are redefining the experience of creating, socialising and enjoying wine.

An inspiring blend

“We know millennials prefer to spend their cash on experiences, such as gigs and holidays, rather than material items. So the idea of making art while you enjoy a few drinks out socialising seemed like a good fit,” explains Mr Shelton, who set up Pop Up Painting in London in 2013. “When people are going for drinks after work, they’re hungry for something different to do. Wine makes it more interesting and makes people less anxious."

Art for wines’ sake

Inspired by this idea of producing art and enjoying wine, Fluid created a wine brand that celebrates the joy of creative expression. Seppelts Shared Philosophy is a whole bunch shiraz by world-renowned winemaker Adam Carnaby, which won the prestigious Makers’ Medal Award in 2017. The distinctive wine label design features artist Noël Skrzypczak’s artwork wrapping around the bottle, combined with a diecut ‘+’ symbol. It’s a visual metaphor symbolic of the creative process that winemakers and artists apply to their craft – blending, flavour, texture and colour for a final, balanced composition.

Recognising distinctive design

Seppelt Shared Philosophy/ Makers’ Medal is a finalist at the 2017 AGDA Awards. The result was so compelling that it was recognised amongst some of best work in Australia in the Alcoholic Beverage Award Category.

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