Wine for thought

Finding new ways to entice shoppers in the highly competitive wine category is a challenge we’ve faced many times. Wine shopping is one of those highly emotive purchasing moments where you’re faced with 1000s of brands all shouting at full volume, ‘buy me!’. So how does a less informed shopper navigate this confusing and overwhelming category?

Spoilt for choice

Do you shop by label, wine flavour, feel and texture in the mouth, bouquet? Perhaps you have a favourite varietal or brand you trust? Or you might be a value hunter who shops purely on price? Too much choice can be a barrier to entry, and shoppers who already find wine shopping confusing may give up and move on to other alcoholic beverages on offer.

Dumb it down. Nicely.

Hear us out here. Wine already has a bad name as being snobby, so how do you create a wine brand with everyday appeal? The insight Fluid uncovered was that shoppers are looking for a wine that complements a meal occasion. However, they might not know what to buy, or simply be overwhelmed by the staggering amount of choice to decide what is the best wine to pair with their chosen cuisine.

The Nitty Gritty

Background research informed our project team that 40% of wine is consumed with everyday meals, however wine only features in this everyday meal occasion once a fortnight. The objective is to drive frequency of wine purchased for this usage to drive category growth. The research revealed a key insight – “I enjoy drinking wine with my meals but I don’t do it often, because I find it too hard and complicated to pick wine that matches my meal”. We heard that overwhelming choice and a lack of wine knowledge was a barrier to purchase due to the perceived difficulty of navigating the shopping experience.

Narrative led

We created a wine brand that simply tells it like it is – a creative approach that inspires shoppers to pair wine with everyday meals, which in turn makes the shop easier and increases frequency of purchase. The primary target was identified as gender-neutral 25–45 year olds with a low involvement in the category. Communicating with an overwhelmed, low-involvement target required bringing simple food and wine semiotics, and a strong narrative to life. We identified a range of everyday meal proteins like steak and chicken, as well as popular meals cooked at home, or takeaway like Italian and Asian, to call out the appropriate matched wine.

Testing times

The creative ideas that resonated best incorporated bold words describing the varietal and protein leading the food pairing choice as number one, with the next level describing what to expect in the wine’s flavour. For example, ‘Richly bold with a flicker of spice’, and how it complements the food, ‘belongs with a melt-in-your-mouth steak’. Hand-drawn illustrations of the protein communicate simplicity and provide trust that the wine is suitable for your everyday needs.

By the numbers

Driven by the insight that low-involvement consumers become overwhelmed by choice and perceived lack of wine knowledge to make an informed choice, our creative idea had 70% endorsement against a benchmark of 20%. This provided our client with confidence that consumers would notice and respond positively to the new product. The simplicity of the design approach and its straight talking communication made it easy for consumers to connect their need with the product offer. The Rosemount Estate brand provided the level of trust required to complete the purchase.

Food with wine

Anyone who enjoys good food knows that wine and food belong together. To explore this idea fully we quite literally created a wine offer designed specifically for food pairing. Rosemount Estate Meal Matcher is the result of an extensive new product development phase in partnership with Treasury Wine Estate’s innovation team. The new range is incredibly easy to shop and dumbs down the purchasing decision to simply choice.

Bringing it to life

Visually, the Rosemount Estate Meal Matcher range needed to stand out from other brands in the everyday value price point, less than $15.00. The bold, in your face narrative created immediate cut through and is the hero of the range on shelf. A special introductory price of $10 made added to the attractiveness of the product. Bold colour was used to make clear connections to the meal occasion – red for steak (Shiraz) and yellow for chicken (Chardonnay), green for Italian (red blend), teal for Asian (Sauvignon Blanc) and purple for pasta (Cabernet Merlot).

Proof is in the pudding

The success of this project included the Meal Matcher Shiraz becoming the top selling Red New Product Development (NPD) launched in Coles Liquorland, and the Meal Matcher Chardonnay being ranked third in White New Product Development. In-store sampling conversion from trial to purchase was 35% – well above the benchmark of 22%. Research showed that 70% of the target market endorsed the look and feel of the packaging, while 80% of people would recommend Rosemount Meal Matchers to friends.

The highest honour

Rosemount Estate won a Pinnacle Award for Design Effectiveness
at the 2016 AGDA Awards. One thing we know for sure, achieving distinctive work is only possible when you have a trusted client-agency relationship. Fortunately, the team at Treasury Wine Estates trusted us to bring the Rosemount Meal Matcher wine to life in a way that has exceeded every expectation.

“The Design Effectiveness category of the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) Awards recognises that good design is good business. Aesthetic sensibilities are subjective; effecting change isn’t. It’s measurable and it’s very real and projects that are judged highly effective, show the world that design isn’t simply about the way things look – effective designs showcase ideas proven good for business.”

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