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Bittersweet symphony

T’Gallant on the Victorian Mornington Peninsula is renowned for making crisp Pinot Grigio/ Gris wine varieties, popular in northern Italy and southern France. They experienced firsthand what happens when a couple of winemakers get creative over a glass of gin and tonic.

Zest is best

John Ashwell and Adam Carnaby are respected Australian winemakers who know a thing or two about making award-winning wine. A challenge put to them to create a new, infused flavour resulted in T’Gallant Oova Lime Infused Riesling. Co-fermented Eden Valley Riesling, combined with freshly cut Tahitian limes made for a playful new style of Riesling, the naturally tangy-citrus varietal characters enhanced by the fragrance of lime.

More than a name

Fluid was briefed to create a distinctive name and packaging solution for the limited release wine, aimed at enticing consumers to explore new flavours in the wine category. Oova is a play on the Spanish/ Italian word for grape, ‘uva’. The minimalist design label, silkscreened directly onto the bottle, features a bespoke stencilled logo mark vertically aligned. A tall label on a contemporary bottle shape accentuates the design aesthetic, and the subtle lime colour can be seen through the negative space on the silk screen label surface.