Pivot SummitInspiring digital futures

Pivot Summit is an annual conference on digital technology and business transformation, held in Geelong, Victoria. Masterminded by founder Leighton Wells, Fluid joined as a founding partner to help build its profile.


The goal of Pivot Summit was to strengthen the Geelong region's economy as it transformed from a manufacturing economy to a digital hub. The organisation had to secure funding and business support, then build its regional profile while attracting an audience. If there was a single key to success, it was to secure and promote recognised, engaging speakers and businesses for the event. Fluid's role was to create and manage the brand and deliver the required material for each year's campaigns.


The event's focus on the digital future and its impact on the modern business world meant that its brand identity should utilise contemporary image treatments and progressive design. Fluid created a new digital typeface, image treatment and an apologetically futuristic design aesthetic. The result was a brand language that demonstrated thought-leaders insights on the future of digital and its impact on how we think, live and work. Fluid applied the identity to a wide range of event collateral including the website, ticketing, info-packs and on-screen multimedia displays.


By its third year, the event had exceeded all expectations with a 77% increase in attendance, 800 attendees, a full exhibition hall, Federal, State and Local Government funding and sponsorship agreements with Deakin University and NewsCorp Australia. The event spilled into a second day and featured international speakers such as Apple Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak and Robert Scoble, American Blogger and Tech Evangelist. Business contacts were made, deals were done, and horizons opened for attendees.

I have been working with Fluid since 2015. They understand what Pivot is about and believe in our vision –to grow a sustainable digital economy in our local region. They are prepared to challenge the status quo and know how to create a brand that is distinctive by always bringing fresh ideas to the table. It has been fantastic to deal with a local agency that can power my brand across print, digital and animation and the Fluid team has been incredibly supportive to Pivot during our formative years.