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Start me up.

What happens when you input a bunch of lofty ideas into a start-up accelerator? You create a runway for entrepreneurs preparing for take-off.

The seed of success

When we met Runway founders Nick Stanley and Peter Dostis, they’d already found success with their own regional start-ups, and understood the many challenges of incubating ideas and getting them off the ground. “Finding quality mentoring, seed funding and access to mission-critical networks, to ensure an idea makes it beyond the embryonic stage, requires a level of support that was unfortunately lacking in the regional market,” explains Stanley. “Having researched best practice start-up incubators globally, we identified critical components – the ‘must have’ ingredients to facilitate an ecosystem that can turn ideas into real business outcomes.”

Flight plan

With an understanding of Nick and Peter’s goals, Fluid needed to create a brand identity that communicated their purpose so they could fulfil their ambition – to be the leading regional accelerator outside of Australia’s capital cities. Taking advantage of a decentralised global economy, there is significant opportunity in regional cities to capitalise on smart ventures. Runway has the potential to seed, support and create new business ventures for tomorrow’s workforce, and support an ecosystem that will power future start-ups and further transform the region.

We have take-off

A collaborative strategy phase identified the brand essence ‘entrepreneurial bravery’, which translated into the value proposition, ‘transform your world through ours’. This places deliberate emphasis on the physical location of the accelerator on the north shore in Geelong’s traditional manufacturing heartland. Geelong, a traditional blue-collar community, has the potential to be one of the most sought after start-up locations, due to the many cost advantages the city has over crowded Melbourne.

A brand fit for purpose

The challenging world of start-ups is a complex beast. For entrepreneurial ideas to succeed in the new normal, they require guidance and support. They need a flight plan to help navigate the way from lift off to landing, anticipating the pitfalls that can bring even the best ideas crashing back to earth. Fluid was compelled to keep in mind that the role brand identity has to play is more vital today than ever, with heightened competition and competing white noise everywhere. A brand today needs the ability to grow, evolve, transform and pivot – forever changing to capture the personality for the world we live in.

Move with the times

The moving brand mark we created for Runway reflects the fluid nature of start-up journeys, with no two paths being the same. Lines radiating from the amorphic shapes represent the growth and transformation of the regional community into a centre of innovation. At a cellular level, the brand quite literally represents transforming entrepreneurial ideas into the future enterprises that will ensure the region continues to grow.