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Fantastical Voyage

Liquorice is almost as old as time itself. Earliest usage dates way back throughout history and fans have included pharaohs, prophets, Brahma, venerable Chinese Buddhist sages and people in general who ‘dig’ the sweet, but slightly “bitey” flavour twist.

An adult treat that appeals to kids?

Liquorice is one of those treats you may have reluctantly enjoyed as a child. Perhaps it went hand-in-hand with a long drive to nan and pop’s, where the kids were offered, a seemingly never-ending supply of rainbow-coloured liquorice all-sorts. So how do you make an old-world treat appeal to adults and kids alike?

Old-world with a modern heart

We first met Josh Symons at Fyna Foods when we completed the refresh of their premium superfine chocolate brand Pink Lady. In conversation with Josh we learned that their Fyna branded liquorice was underperforming and facing deletion in major supermarkets. The challenge for Fyna was that the brand was not as well known as competitor brands like Ballantyne and Darrell Lea. From a semiotics perspective, most of the category was heavily vested in an old-worldy aesthetic, and no brands were offering an alternative to this dated look.

An authentic story wins time and time again

Our approach was to break convention and apply new thinking to the category by creating a brand called the Superior Liquorice Co (SLCo). Underpinning our strategy was a product platform that was built on the foundation of a vibrant narrative. Central to this was creating a sense of wonder, so we invented mythical creatures, that could convey the journey of discovery aboard an airship piloted by Captain Arthur and his trusted companion Pip. The airship is central to the brand narrative and drives shelf recognition and differentiation. Lithographic illustrative creatures create a new, modern take on heritage cues, to resonate with the broad target audience of ‘big-kid’ adults and ‘littlekids’ alike.

The new SLCo range includes an array of exciting flavours for bites, bullets and wheels in plain and dark, milk and white chocolate coated, liquorice varieties. Look out for the range in independent and national supermarkets.