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Your vote will help shape Victoria

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) is an independent and impartial statutory authority established under Victoria's Electoral Act 2002. The VEC conducts Victorian State elections, local council elections, certain statutory elections, commercial and community elections and polls.

Ten out of ten

Fluid has partnered with the VEC since 2007, delivering a wide variety of engaging annual reports. One of the key narratives created for VEC was the idea that, “Every vote can help shape Victoria”. This idea has been a central theme in the creative development for every annual report over the past ten years.

Keep it simple, or in other words, cost-effective

Victorian State Government reports must comply with FRD30A restrictions for design layout and print production. This limits the use of colour and large images, making the design and layout of the report all the more challenging. We met this challenge by using high impact colour on the designs to aid navigation of key information, including fast facts, highlights and a variety of year end achievements.