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You can’t fake great cake

Well & Good creates a range of gluten and nut free cake and bread mixes, which are much loved by the coeliac community across Australia for their quality and taste.

Creating cakes that rise

The driving ambition behind this project was to grow the number of Well & Good products available in major retailers, while breaking out of the health food aisle. Fluid’s aim was to connect with consumers wishing to eliminate gluten from their diet.

Revisiting values

Well & Good is a dedicated family business with incredibly passionate staff and core company values that were expressed everywhere – except on the brand’s packaging. While our brief was to refresh the look of packaging, not the brand, we challenged our client to go beyond the design aesthetic to gain a better understanding of what makes their brand distinctive.

Exploring consumer thoughts

Seeking greater penetration into a mainstream consumer audience, we applied our agile strategic process to gain a deeper understanding of the target market. The first step was to evaluate consumer responses to the current brand and packaging. We learned that the Well & Good brand and packaging lacked any discernible difference to more wellknown, mainstream brands.

Diving into research

Fluid conducted a small sample of qualitative research to benchmark our new brand treatment for Well & Good against leading retailers. This cost-effective approach provided us with great insight and, more importantly, a clear direction to translate into final brand and packaging outcomes.

Living out a brand promise

Well & Good’s statement of ‘always gluten, nut and dairy free’ is now a core part of the brand promise. The personality of the brand is also clear, with a playful narrative that brings to life the irreverent spirit of the brand. Well & Good encourages consumers to get the party started – even if you or your loved ones suffer a food allergy.