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X marks the spot

In the world of wine, it’s easy to claim you’ve seen it all before. How can you disrupt, stand out, break new ground and, importantly, attract a younger millennial wine drinking audience who want nothing to do with old school establishment brands that dad drinks with his boring quaffy mates?

Questioning the norm

Embedded in the Saltram History is a cavalier approach to making wines that break convention, and this is certainly true of this new offer. The winemakers created a Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon blend, matured for 15 months in American and French oak barrels, which combine the juicy dark berry fruits with a subtle oak finish. This provides a fresh exuberant flavour with a distinctive palate.

No baggage attached

Fluid’s first challenge was to find a name for the new wine that demonstrated immediately that it wasn’t your typical variety, by your typical winemaker. For a start, it’s not just any one grape from the Saltram vineyard – this wine is a red blend. Full stop. And if you bother to read the back you’ll discover it’s by Saltram – which is a clue to the wine’s pedigree.

X always marks the spot

To break the rules of wine, we firstly need to understand the rules, so we could move away from expected wine conventions. The front label is dominated by a brush-stroked X – a distinctive visual semiotic device that is unique in category, and certainly bold, aiding shelf standout. Rather than traditional boring viticulture and winemaking notes (snore), the back provides a compelling brand story to capture the imagination of the target market, a younger male consumer.

Finding my tribe

The X Blend red varietal is ranged in Dan Murphy’s, and to gauge the strength of the brand and packaging in-store, it’s being trialed without any above-the-line marketing support. Feedback so far is that consumers are reacting well, and the client is looking to launch a white varietal in the near future. Guess what? It’s going to be called white blend. How bourgeois.

Recognising distinctive design

Saltram X Blend is a finalist at the 2016 AGDA Awards. The result was so compelling that it was recognised amongst some of best work in Australia in the Alcoholic Beverage Award Category.

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AGDA 2016 finalist