Inspiring community learning

Glen Eira City Council has four libraries that are a long-standing community service. Fluid was asked to increase participation in both student and working individuals – reversing the trending decline in library use, and repositioning libraries as relevant spaces for the whole Glen Eira community.

Reflecting technological and social shifts

Libraries were once the gatekeepers of most knowledge and technology. Their relevance is challenged by increased rise of the internet and smartphones. Even the way people communicate is ever- evolving: new words, new emoticons, new spelling, to stay in the conversation is a challenge in itself. Glen Eira Libraries wanted to be part of this conversation, and offer more than just ‘books’.

Design inspired by our subject

The overall aesthetic was inspired by geometric forms cut from paper. This was borne from an idea of ‘community foundations’ – building architecture and structures, books and creativity. The resultant shapes create and influence every element of brand language: typography, illustration and brand architecture. Fluid has delivered a cohesive and unique brand that communicates with its own voice, adding a splash of vibrancy and colour to the Glen Eira community landscape.